Our stippling comes in a few different unique patterns that we designed in-house, and we feel they offer a range between aggressive texture and a more muted texture that still allows for a better grip but still won’t snag or irritate your skin while carrying concealed whether it be inside the waistband or outside the waistband.


Along with stippling, we offer what is known as an “undercut”. An undercut is simply done by sanding the original frames trigger guard. Glock already has a small existing bump so what we do is sand/smooth that out so that way your dominant hand can get higher up on the frame which gives you more control and allows your wrist and bore axis to be closer.

There’s a second feature to this cut known as a “double undercut”. Typically a shooter will add the double undercut to gain a reference point for their support hand and to get a better grip every time they draw their Glock from a holster.

Other Glock Customization’s

In addition to stippling, there are a few other features that can be done to your Glock frame to instill a better grip. One of those features would be what we call “thumb ledges” what these do is allow your thumbs to rest perfectly in place so, it allows for the muzzle rise to be decreased and recoil is reduced.

Backstrap Blend & Thumb Ledge

Another frame modification we offer is what we call a “backstrap blend”. Typically shooters will add a backstrap to their handgun to give it a better grip and feel. Shooters with larger hands also like this option. How we achieve this look is we melt/ blend the backstrap into the frame, now that backstrap is permanently fixed to the frame and is a perfect fit.

Lastly but not least is the finger groove removal. Removing the finger grooves is a quick and easy way to instill a better grip on your firearm. We completely remove the finger grooves by sanding them down and polishing it so it blends to the original frame nicely.

Finger Groove Removal